Touchmark Retirement Communities
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Life Enrichment and Wellness


Full Life Wellness & Life Enrichment Program™

At Touchmark, we meet people where they are in terms of health and well-being. Our award-winning Full Life Wellness & Life Enrichment Program™ identifies each person’s individual strengths, skills, needs, interests, and goals to help them lead a happy, healthy, and {FULL} life.

The 7 Dimensions of Wellness

We focus on these seven dimensions of wellness to promote overall purpose and self-esteem. Our calendar of events incorporates each of these dimensions to help residents achieve whole-person wellness.


Having a strong sense of self-worth, being aware of and accepting feelings, and coping with challenges in a positive way.


Respecting resources, choosing green options, and finding ways to appreciate nature.


Engaging in new and challenging activities, participating in lifelong learning pursuits, and sharing ideas with others.


Living a life of purpose, utilizing unique skills and passions, and cultivating personal satisfaction.


Making healthy lifestyle choices to maintain or improve health and function through physical activity, good nutrition, adequate sleep, and stress management.


Creating and maintaining healthy relationships, engaging in positive interactions, and feeling connected to your community.


Living with a sense of purpose, being guided by personal values, and finding a connection to the world and others.