Touchmark Retirement Communities
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Touchmark is a new retirement property in the West Hills of Portland. The design includes residential buildings, vineyard homes, single-family cottage homes, and a clubhouse.

Below are some images of the property and surrounding area. 

Media Gallery and Video Gallery

Clubhouse and Terraces Lodges, Pickleball courts, and vineyards. Dusk view of the Clubhouse and Terrace Lodges. Site view of the valley Charley’s, a casual grab-and-go eatery Sunset from the West Hills Vista Terrace with outdoor fireplaces Skybridge and clock tower Swede Hill Public House, a full-service bar and restaurant The Sterling Room in the Clubhouse Lodge Health & Fitness Club Health & Fitness Club Pool Touchmark portland oregon wanke home interior 13 Terrace Lodge home Great room and café Terrace Lodge lounge Touchmark portland oregon wanke pickleball 1 Swede Hill Public House history wall



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Touchmark Less Stress

Touchmark Create The Magic

Touchmark Come Home With A Smile

Touchmark Top Of The List

Touchmark in the West Hills

Touchmark in the West Hills - The {FULL} Life

Touchmark Health & Fitness Clubs


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